jueves, 30 de octubre de 2014

Systemic Sclerosis: A case report with review

Abstract: Systemic sclerosis is a chronic sclerotic disease which causes diffuse, increased deposition of extracellular matrix in connective tissue with vascular abnormalities, resulting in tissue hypoxia. The degree and rate of skin and internal organ involvement vary among patients. Factors such as age, sex, genetic background, and environmental exposure may influence susceptibility. The onset of disease is unusual in childhood and young men.

Women are affected 3 times as often as men, and the incidence increases with age, peaking in the third to fifth decade. Sudden death in Systemic Sclerosis is very rare. We report a case of Systemic Sclerosis of three years duration with multisystem involvement who died suddenly because of sepsis.

from Archives of Medicine http://ift.tt/1vleOFS

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