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Genetic and antibiotic susceptibility profiles of drug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii in Lebanon


To determine the population structure and antimicrobial sensitivity profile of carbapenem-resistant A. baumannii isolates in Lebanon.

Materials and Methods

Thirty-two isolates of A. baumannii were collected between Jan-June 2011 from three distant hospitals in Lebanon. Molecular identification was done by partial rpoB sequencing. The antibiotic susceptibility testing was determined by agar disc diffusion. MICs for imipenem, meropenem, colistin, tigecycline and sulbactam were also determined for imipenem resistant strains. Genetic testing was performed using MLST.


Thirty isolates were identified as A. baumannii according to the molecular identification which 24 exhibited imipenem resistance. Sensitivity profiles [sensitive vs. intermediate vs. resistant] of these isolates were 0%vs.12.5% vs.87.5% for meropenem, 8.3%vs.54.2%vs.37.5% for tigecycline and 8.3%vs.8.3%vs83.4% for sulbactam. All isolates (100%) were sensitive to colistin. All isolates (except one) belonged to international clone 2.


Extensively drug resistant A. baumannii pauses a major risk for patients in Lebanon and with the absence of an effective antimicrobial treatment, tight infection control and rational antibiotic use are mandatory to prevent further aggravation of the antibiotic resistance in this country.

from The International Arabic Journal of Antimicrobial Agents

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